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I experienced a delay with my Binter Canarias flight and I am eager to know the process for claiming monetary compensation. Could you provide guidance on how I can proceed with the compensation claim and the necessary steps I need to take?

jessica brown
jessica brown
Oct 18, 2023

First, gather all relevant information about your flight, such as your ticket details, booking reference, and the specific details of the delay, including the departure and arrival times. Next, visit AirAdvisor's website and initiate your claim. They will guide you through the necessary steps, including filling out the required forms and providing supporting documents. Once your claim is submitted, AirAdvisor will review your case and assess its eligibility for compensation. They have expertise in dealing with various airline compensation cases and can provide valuable assistance in ensuring that you receive what you're entitled to. Remember that the compensation process can take some time, as it involves communication with the airline and potentially legal proceedings.



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