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Denis Zheleznyi
Denis Zheleznyi

Noting Professional Relationship. Hello! Mentioning the duration of your professional relationship with the applicant can be beneficial in an emergency medicine letter of recommendation. It provides context and credibility to your assessment of the applicant's abilities. It demonstrates that you've had sufficient time to observe and evaluate their clinical skills, work ethic, and personal qualities. This information can be particularly important in medical fields where hands-on experience and long-term relationships matter. Including the duration also adds weight to your recommendation, helping selection committees or employers understand the depth and reliability of your endorsement. So, if the duration of your professional relationship is substantial and relevant, it's advisable to include it in your letter.

Natalya Serement
Natalya Serement

Thank you very much. You have completely answered all my questions. I am very grateful to you for that! I've been wondering about it for days.



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