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Id'nal (Mapusok) - The Uncut Version

Id'nal (Mapusok) is a 2012 Filipino drama film directed by G.A. Villafuerte. It tells the story of a relationship between two gay men who struggle with one partner's promiscuity and the risk of a sexually transmitted disease. The film was originally released in a censored version, but later an uncut version was made available online.

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The film stars Eirik Cruz, Kenneth Jimenez, Anton Nolasco, Glenn Katigbak, Orlando Sol, Kenjie Samonte, Miguel Alcantara, Bernard Osorio, Tj Morello, Jacko Melendez, Mahal Aling Belen, Mygz Molino, Kyro Jimenez, Mon Consul, and Marc Samonte. It was produced by Outrage Magazine and distributed by Cinema One Originals.


The film follows the lives of four gay friends who are involved in different kinds of relationships. Anton (Eirik Cruz) is a college student who is in love with his boyfriend Kenneth (Kenneth Jimenez), but he also has casual sex with other men. Kenneth is aware of Anton's infidelity, but he chooses to stay with him and hopes that he will change. Glenn (Glenn Katigbak) is a call center agent who is dating Orlando (Orlando Sol), a married man with a family. Glenn is happy with Orlando, but he also feels guilty about being the other woman. Kenjie (Kenjie Samonte) is a freelance writer who is single and enjoys hooking up with different men. He meets Miguel (Miguel Alcantara), a young and handsome model who seems to be interested in him. Bernard (Bernard Osorio) is a nurse who is in a long-distance relationship with his boyfriend Tj (Tj Morello), who works abroad. Bernard is faithful to Tj, but he also feels lonely and misses him.

The film explores the issues of love, sex, trust, betrayal, and health among the gay community. It also shows the consequences of Anton's promiscuity when he finds out that he has contracted HIV. The film ends with Anton facing his diagnosis and deciding whether to tell Kenneth or not.


The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its realistic portrayal of gay relationships and its boldness in showing explicit scenes. Others criticized the film for its poor production quality, weak script, and lack of depth. The film was also controversial for its uncut version, which contained more graphic scenes of sex and nudity than the censored version. The uncut version was banned from theaters and was only available online through streaming platforms.


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